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A unique artwork created especially for you or a loved one.

Your favourite place, or a moment in time captured with you in mind and heart. (1)

You'll receive a bespoke custom-framed photographic artwork, designed for your space. (2)


A very limited amount of Photographic Commissions will be taken on each year.

To secure your creation in my calendar, please email



How can we bring more meaning and beauty into our everyday lives? How can we embody more gratitude and reverence for the natural world?


In the current interconnected context of the climate crisis, and the high prevalence of anxiety and depression, can art be a bridge for increased connection to the natural world through beauty? Can art be a bridge to leading a life of deeper meaning through intentional creation and intentional engagement?


If you’re interested in receiving a one-off photographic fine art print of a place in nature dear to your heart, I’d love to create one for you. Let’s start the conversation by reaching out to me at


Once you’ve decided you’d like to go ahead, I will send you a 20% non-refundable deposit invoice.


From there, we’ll find a time to meet - perhaps at your special place in nature, or remotely. We’ll connect with each other, with the place, and we’ll chat about the possibilities.


We’ll talk about your connection to place, to the sun, the moon, your favourite time of day. All of which will inform how, when, and the energy I’ll bring in the creation of your custom piece.


After we’ve connected and gathered what you might like and will feel beautiful in your space, I’ll visit your special place, sit in presence, and begin the creation process. I’ll present three photographs digitally within two months. Once you’ve chosen which photograph you would like, we’ll discuss framing options and upon that decision and receiving a quote from the framer, I will send your final invoice. When that is cleared, your order will be placed with a one month turnaround for printing and framing, plus delivery time.

If you'd love a one-off work but would like it sooner than three months, I can offer you a Rush Order for +50% of the regular price. This is case dependent and not always an option, please email to discuss.


Smaller works start from $1950

Larger works start from $2950

The final cost will be determined based on the framing and size of your work, as well as factors additional factors below. 


In the event that you're not happy with any of the three photographs I present, revision fees will be added to the final cost. If an additional creation session on location is required, an additional fee will be added to the final cost.


Additional travel costs are involved for places more than an hour from Shoreham, Vic, Aus.

Interstate and international places are (definitely) an option at an increased rate to cover travel costs. 

If you'd like to receive a unique photographic artwork created especially for you, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at


They have a special spot in nature they visit on and off. Amongst the busyness of life, the running around, the caring, the work, the social events, each time they arrive at this place — no matter what else is going on — everything else melts away. Their shoulders drop, they’re able to take a full breath, it feels like coming home. Coming home to the body, home to the breath, home to the peace and spaciousness that innately exists within them. They came to me and said I’d like to bring this feeling into my everyday life. I said that’s beautiful and I think I know a way we can do that. When we met, I asked them what time of day do you feel most yourself? Is there a special date or a favourite tide or a phase of the moon that sings out your name? They told me what came and I held all of that in my heart, in my mind, in my being, and went and connected to their place. I sat in reverence. I sat and with one hand on the earth and one hand on my heart, I acknowledged the First Peoples of Country — the original storytellers and caretakers of this place. When the moment felt right, the light sweet, I moved slowly in presence, and captured the beauty I saw. I held them in my heart, their connection, their intentions. I breathed and I smiled and at one point I thought I might cry, from the kind of gratitude that makes a home in the spine. When I’d got the film developed and I sat with the images and felt into which three I’d present, it all felt clear. They were blown away and couldn’t choose initially and I said take your time, there’s no rush. They waited and clarity found them and once it did, I suggested some framing options I thought would look beautiful with the photograph and in their space. We decided together and I put the order in with my bespoke framer. When the day came to pick it up, I collected it and took it to their home. When they opened the door their face looked light and excited. We unwrapped it together and when they saw it, their shoulders relaxed, their breath deepend, *that* feeling they get whenever they’re at their special place washed over them. They said thank you and I said it is my deepest honour, thank *you*. After we hung it, I headed off. Some time passed and one day I received a message from them saying that they’ve made a daily ritual with their artwork. Every morning, they stand by their photograph, take five slow deep breaths, feel their feet on the earth, and allow the beauty and reverence to fill their entire being.


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